Scott Frank Investigator

Scott FrankScott Frank Investigator is a Louisiana legal qualified professional investigator/detective under Louisiana Revised Statue: LA R.S 37:3503 8B (iv), based in Lafayette, Louisiana under George R Knox LLC Attorney at Law. 

Scott Frank is experience in surveillance and has over 10 years of total investigative experience.  Scott Frank has testified and has been recognized in the courts a qualified investigator.  Scott is known as one of the top Investigators in Louisiana in the Area of Family Law Investigations.

Scott Frank is also a Louisiana court appointed process server. Trusted by not only the courts but by many lawyers. Scott is known to be easy to work with, effective and efficient in his services.  Serving mainly in the southwest Louisiana areas from Lake Charles all the way to Lafayette LA.

Investigative work became not only a necessity, but a skill and passion for Scott Frank that has carried him through so many life situations and helped him to become one of the top Investigators in Louisiana in the Area of Family Law.

At age 17 Scott began looking for his father whom he hadn’t seen since he was 3 years old.  He had hoped to find answers to so many questions as why his dad didn’t want to be part of his life.  After a detailed search he located his father and got the chance to speak with him over the phone on many occasions.  He learned that not only had his father wanted to be part of Scott and his sisters lives but that he had tried over and over again to see them, but that Scott’s mother had restricted him from seeing them.  Scott’s father had even returned to court to get them to enforce his visitation rights to no avail.  Tragically just one week before Scott was to meet his father in person for the first time his father was killed by a drunk driver.  You can read the full story of Scott’s attempt to reconnect with his father after 14 years here.

Out of this tragedy Scott received so many life lessons; time is of the essence, there is no better time than now to find that person that you love and that what you think you know is not always the truth.  It is this passion that Scott puts towards helping others to find and reconnect with their loved one.  Scott would eventually work to help change the laws surrounding visitation and intentional violation of visitation orders with the the success of bills being passed in 2004.  You can read more details on the bills passed here. 

Scott eventually married and had two beautiful children of his own.  Marriage and life seemed to be going well at first, but then he began questioning his wife’s actions, she became distracted and uninterested in him or the kids.  Investigative work revealed that Scott’s suspicions were accurate and his wife was in fact cheating on him.  You can read the details of the letter his wife wrote to her lover here.  Scott understands what it feels like to be hurt and betrayed by someone you love, which gives him the compassion to tackle the tough cases of infidelity investigations.

Scott quickly realized that the courts at the time favored the maternal parent and his ex-wife was grated temporary custody of the children until the time of the custody hearing.  Scott came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to be as easy as explaining all the reasons why she shouldn’t be granted custody and why he should, he needed proof.  Getting the proof he required wasn’t going to be as simple as going out himself to get the evidence that he required, following her or the kids would be considered stalking and could result in a restraining order.  Instead he worked closely with a investigator to get the information that he would require to win the custody hearing.  Proof of the minor children being left alone on at least four occasions for up to an hour at a time made him realize that not only was the money spent on an investigator critical to winning the custody case but was worth every penny to ensure the safety of his children.  Clear proof provided by the Investigator sealed the case for Scott who received full custody of their children, with his wife receiving supervised visitation.  You can read more details about the case Court Ruling for Transfer of Custody to Scott and  Supervised Visitation for Scott’s wife. 

Scott has been transparent about the details of his life and situations as it has been useful to many of his clients in understanding how to locate someone and how to navigate the sometimes challenging waters of divorce, infidelity and custody battles.

Scott is a member of a long list of investigators, Family Law and Process Server associations.  You can view a full list here.

Scott has appeared as a professional witness and in front of a long list of courts.  You can view a full list here.