Alimony After Divorce

 There are two types of spousal support in Louisiana:  Alimony Pendete Lite (temporary support until the divorce) and After-Divorce Alimony Alimony Pendente Lite may be awarded to a spouse who does not have sufficient income for his/her maintenance pending the divorce and is designed to maintain the status quo in both spouses’ living conditions to […]

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Divorce Property Settlement

Unless the parties before or during the marriage entered into a matrimonial agreement excluding or modifying the legal regime of community property, generally speaking, everything acquired by the spouses while residing in Louisiana is owned equally by them. Property owned before marriage, individual gifts during marriage and property inherited are considered separate property and generally […]

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Presumption of Death for Divorce

If a spouse disappears under circumstances that make death seem certain, although the body has not been found, a proceeding can be filed to have the death recognized by law, thereby terminating the marriage.  If the spouse is on active duty in one of the United States’ armed forces and has been reported missing under […]

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