Find Biological Parents

Find Biological Parents, Birth Mother/Father/Child/Friends/Family Members

weadxcdwsxOne of the most enjoyable parts of being an Investigator is helping so locate love ones.  Whether you are looking to find your biological parents, birth mother, father, child, family member, high school friend, ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, missing persons and anyone else that you might have lost touch with.

One of the most common reasons to employ a Investigator for locator services is helping to locate children given up for adoption or a biological parent you would love to meet.  Adoption Reuniting is one of the most rewarding areas of our field.  Finding your birth mother, birth father or birth child and seeing the joy in someone’s eyes when you tell them you have found the person they were looking for is an unmatched joy for me. With that being said closed adoptions through certain agencies can sometimes be a very tricky situation, it may or may not be possible to locate a child or parent under the terms of a closed adoption, if you are in this situation we would love to speak with you to discuss if it is advantageous to move forward with the search.     Open adoption agreements where both parties have welcomed there information’s to be disclosed to the parties involved in the adoption more commonly result in locating your parent or child. Children that have not signed a closed adoption agreement and are over the age of 18 years old of age we believe have the right to know the whereabouts of their biological parent(s). A highly skilled investigator can often find of a person when they are provided with a full name, possible past addresses, social security number, past relatives information and/or family history. Other clues that can help to reveal information in locating the person include occupation, past utility bills, DMV records, criminal and civil records at court houses.  A experienced investigator looks at all resources to narrow down the prospects of the interested party.  In adoption cases it can be time consuming and can sometime be costly. There is no guarantee of any findings.  We would love to speak with you in a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.

Important Factors in Locating Someone

  1. Identity information such as full name is usually imperative in a case, this allows the investigator to perform a skip trace to find out the latest information on a subject.
  2. A Social Security number helps an investigator to perform a skip trace to find the latest information on a subject to find out their whereabouts.
  3. Past addresses that they may live or has been seen allows the investigator to get familiar with neighbors in the area that maybe linked to the subject to question to find out further information that may be useful.
  4. Relative’s names, close friends or family, past boyfriends or girlfriends also allow an investigator to further question and take statements to discover information to locate s subject.
  5. Occupation information reveals employment information for an investigator to perform surveillance from to possible find out where a subject may live. This also allows the investigator to question past employers to find out further information help locate the person.
  6. Criminal history, conviction or arrest can sometimes reveals a person’s whereabouts as far as addresses they were served or arrested at.
  7. Civil History including divorce information on a petition sometimes reveals a person information, also in a final custody decree and places where a person was served reveals a person’s whereabouts.
  8. Court House Research- Person current liens, property, civil and criminal records sometimes reveals a person’s address and their whereabouts
  9. DMV Records- A persons driving current driving citations, vehicle plate and driving license info sometimes reveals a person’s current address information.
  10. An Asset Research- What a person’s owns sometimes reveals the address of where a person may be currently residing.
  11. Utility searches such as phone, cable, electric, gas,etc.. Help reveal subjects address information.

All searches require a legal contract to be signed.

Adoption Reuniting Often Takes Us Outside Our General Areas Served Please Call for a Free Consultation