Louisiana 2016 Flood Claims

Louisiana 2016 Flood

636069597313215269-z12Scott Frank Is here to help assist you!  If you are and insurance company who is struggling to keep up with the number of claims and are needing an experienced investigator to go out and take pictures of the homes interior and exterior and contents to help assist in the claim process.

This disaster has caused a significant amount of stress and work for the insurance companies who need to work quickly and efficiently to help the displaced families to get back to their homes, work and lives.

Although many or all of the claims being made require an insurance claim, it is common that home owners will exaggerate the claims.  This proved to be a major problem following hurricane Katrina.

Scott has over 15 years of experience of doing investigative and photography work and can help to move your claims process along while lowering your cost on fraud claims and saving you money.  Scott is flexible and available to travel to the homes within Louisiana.  Whether you have one home you need photographed or multiple homes please contact Scott at 337-254-8169

Home Insurance Flood Fraud: How to Spot the Scam

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Oct 07, 2015

Home insurance fraud has become a continuing problem throughout the United States, more so recently since hurricane Katrina.  Because of this fraud and scams it appears the estimates, property/casualty insurance fraud amounts to more than $30 billion a year nationwide – a huge amount that gets thrown on to homeowners.  Insurance Fraud come in all different of types of people: habitual criminals who steal excessive amounts of money through business scams and insurance claims … service repair companies that increase quotes and charge for unnecessary services … policyholders who want to cover their deductible or make some extra cash.

Exaggerated Claims are a common occurrence during flood claims

Exaggerated claims are usually conducted in one of three ways:

  1. Adding items to a claim that do not actually exist.
  2. Boosting the value of an item that was damaged.
  3. Changing the age of an item to compensate for depreciation.