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How to Prove a Parent is Unfit for Custody

Proving child abuse or neglect requires proof which can be obtained using surveillance to help your child custody case.

Scott has experience not only in helping clients to win custody of their children, but has personal experience in fighting for custody of his own children which resulted in him being granted full custody.  Through this experience he has learned how prove a parent is unfit for custody by doing surveillance using the knowledge of the ins and outs of the law and what factors are used to determine the custody of a child.  His expertise has lead to stronger evidence and more cases having been won than the average PI.

Scott is known as one of the top private investigators in Louisiana in the area of Family Law investigations.

There are several issues that will determine the custody of your child.  Below are some issues that investigators evaluate while doing and investigation:

Leaving a Minor Child Unsupervised in a Vehicle

We have helped clients win several child custody cases by obtaining physical video surveillance of children being left in a vehicle unsupervised while a parent went inside of a building such as a grocery store, bank, house, etc.  While doing surveillance in this type of situation we write down the temperature at the time the child was left inside the vehicle.  The temperature can show how hot the vehicle may be inside of the vehicle with the heat index while the car is off.   We also note during this situation if the vehicle is running or not while under surveillance.  If running this may be a hazard as well if a child decides to get behind the cars wheel and decide to put the car in reverse or forward.  Evidence as to the length of time the child was unsupervised.  The amount of sexual perpetrators living in the area that the child(ren) were left unsupervised can also play a factor.

Smoking Inside of a Vehicle

Smoking around a child is considered hazardous to a child’s health and deemed neglect in some states.  In Louisiana, it is a crime to smoke in a vehicle with minor children in the vehicle.  We take video surveillance of the event to provide proof which our clients can use to benefit their custody battle.

Drinking and Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a common offense we have witnessed and obtained documented evidence on in several cases.  Many of the cases that we have investigated have resulted in our clients receiving custody of their child(ren) and in cases where the child(ren) were in the car with the parent who was drinking, the judgement often resulted in the offending parent receiving supervised visitation.

Multiple Speeding Tickets/Accidents/Driving Infractions

Pulling the driving records of the parent can reveal OWI’s or DWI’s on their record. Driving a car without insurance can also be considered beneficial especially while have a minor child in the vehicle.  Private Investigators can obtain this information for you.

Not Using Seat Belts

Parents are required in the state of Louisiana to ensure minors are seat belted in or in proper child restraints.  Failure of the parent to properly seat belted a child in a vehicle can raise a very important issue in court when determining child custody.

Under the Influence of Drugs

Proof of a parent being under the influence of drugs is weighed heavily in the decision of the courts.  Surveillance of the parent in a possible drug related area and/or obtaining video of suspicious drug exchanges or at obvious drug arrest locations is a good form of evidence.  Trash that was left at the front of the road can be sorted through to gain evidence of possible drugs or drug paraphernalia.  If drugs are found we will send them to a local crime lab to have them tested to show prove of the actual narcotics.  This evidence has been critical in several of my clients cases and they have been awarded full custody with the other parent receiving only supervised visitation.

Exposing Children To A “Dangerous Individuals” (Criminal Offenders or Sexual Predator)

Surveillance of a “dangerous” individual going inside of the parents residence while they have custody and control of the minor child at the time, followed by a background check on the individuals to determine if there are any criminal convictions on their record can weigh heavily in a child custody case.

Exposing Children To A Dangerous Environments or Situations

Children require a safe environment to grow up in.  Proof of a child(ren) being exposed to situations deemed dangerous will be considered when reviewing child custody.  Numerous situations can arise during surveillance which can fall under the category of dangerous situations.

Leaving Children Unsupervised

Obtaining video surveillance of situations where children are left alone or without proper supervision can determine the outcome of a child custody case.   In my personal case video surveillance of my ex wife leaving my minor two boys unsupervised at home without any supervision helped me obtain custody of them.

Children Being Left in the Care of Others in Excessive Amounts

Showing evidence of the custodial parent going out regularly during the times when the children are in their care but outside of the standard work hours can play a factor in a child custody case if the courts consider it to be excessive.


Physical, emotional or sexual abuse of any kind within a home can be grounds for removal of a child from the environment.  This can be abuse to the child(ren) themselves, step children, either parent (step-parent) or any other acts or situations of abuse.

Visitation Interference

One parent violating another parents visitation without good cause may constitute a change in custody.  Obtaining video surveillance of the parent calling the visiting parent saying a child is sick and the video surveillance shows the child playing outside while they should have been with the other parent can be considered in a child custody case.



In addition to surveillance we use many techniques including interviews, pulling records and investigating the background of the individual.  It is important not only that you receive that  proof required to win your case but to also ensure you have proper legal representation with a lawyer who is experienced in winning child custody cases.  Ask your investigator for recommendations of an experienced family law lawyer to represent you.