Detective Testimonials

Child Custody and Infidelity

I hired Mr. Frank 2 months ago for a child custody and infidelity case. I am very impressed with his professionalism and prompt attention he gave to me. I felt as though he was focusing 100% on my case and it was the most important thing he was doing at the time. Mr. Frank obtained video during his many survalences that will help me gain full custody of my children, as well as prove that my ex-husband is the snake I always thought he was!! I would recommend Scott Frank to ANYONE who needs an investigstor for any reason. His services are well worth the money spent!!! Thank you, Mr. Frank, for everything you’ve done to help me! God knows when to send particular people into your life….and I thank God for you!!

  • Trish L.

You Cared About Our Situation

Robbie and I can not begin to thank you enough. You are a great person, you are professional, friendly, sincere and very informative. If it weren’t for you-we wouldn’t have won today. Thank you for your encouragement! You are the only person who made my husband feel undefeated and that he had a chance to win. You are an amazing person. I read your story and all I can say Scott, is that your Dad would be so proud of you. Not only for taking a stand for Dad’s but for doing what you do through your heart. I will refer anyone and everyone to you for your business. You will be blessed abundantly. If there were more people like you, the world would be a better place. We are forever grateful for you taking your time to help us-because you cared about our situation. I can’t say it enough………so I’ll send this with a huge THANK YOU over and over Robbie, Taunia & Family

  • Taunia Lea Parks

Well Informed About the Civil Judicial System

I met Scott thru my wife while she was doing research on my visitation suit for my son. As you can quit imagine when I received the call from my wife telling me she gave my number to someone I did not even know. I was hesitant, not only to talk to someone I never met about such a personal issue, but I did not think I needed anymore input than I had already received. The phone call went as to be expected I withheld a lot information but Scott could read between the lines, as a PI should. Scott agreed to meet me at my house even after working all night on a case. The moment Scott walked thru the door he was straight forward and to the point. We spoke about my case at hand, and as I took notes and went on with the meeting it was obvious that Scott was in tune with what he was talking about and well informed about the civil judicial system in Lafayette and the surrounding parishes. The information Scott gave me was very valuable at the time I needed it most. Scott even called me the day of the hearing to see how it went and to see how I was doing. Thank you Scott

  • Robbie

You Found Him

Thanks Scott. YOU FOUND HIM.  A relative of mine was hit by a car about two months back. The ‘Hit and Run’ driver fled his home.  I hired Mr. Frank to locate where the suspect might have fled to. Mr. Frank produced a comprehensive report on the suspect indicating several locations that were probable.  The suspect was found by detectives two business days later. He admitted to being the driver.

  • Nick

Scott Worked Tremendously Hard

I first want to thank Scott for taking my case. I have hired investigators before and they appear to be just like most legal professions and that’s is, they want your money, but don’t want to work for it . On the other hand Scott worked tremendously hard and was able to obtain information to benefit my case . Very professional , passionate, and caring. Don’t get me wrong he cost, but yet at the end of the day you get what you pay for. Good christian man that loves God . If I ever need a good opinion I know who to call..thanks Scott for looking out for me and my kids

  • Mona Leblanc

Invisible in a Difficult Situation

Thank you for your quick response. Also, keeping me contacted. It was a very difficult time, you were very supportive! Very professional and very invisible in a difficult situation!

  • Mariyn

Located the Man in Less Than Two hours

I needed to find the former employee of a client very quickly.  Mr. Frank was the only investigator willing to work out an agreeable financial arrangement to attempt the effort. Fortunately, he located the man in less than two hours.

  • Steven Lacoste