Friday, 8 January

Top 6 Reasons People Divorce / Leading Factors for Divorce

1. One of the most popular reason that couples end up having a divorce is due to one of the parties being the husband or the wife being unfaithful during the marriage .In my experience being an investigator and cheating spouse that commits adultery is number one on my list .Hiring an experienced private detective to obtain video surveillance can establish fault .Please visit “adultery page “

2. The second most common reason for divorce on my list is financial reasons. In today’s economy I have seen an incline in divorces do to people simply just loosing there job and having to collect unemployment. One party in the marriage gets a custom to a certain life style and generally speaking cannot deal with the sudden change of a decline of a person’s life style changes.

3. The third reason on my list why most people seek a divorce is alcohol and drug abuse. Usually one party just can’t handle the other partners out rages spending money and unstable behaviors when dealing with drug abuse. More so being afraid they will get in trouble criminally when they know that their partner has drugs in their possession and possible have their kids taken away from them. Hiring a private detective to determine these issues may establish fault.

4. Domestic violence is on my top list. At one point and time it would be number 1# on my list but since the domestic violence laws have changed and law enforcement has gotten more educated, where either sex can get arrested. Back in the OJ Simpson error the men were all getting arrested, lately since either party can get arrested it has declined quit of bit in my experience in the factor of parties getting a divorce. Hiring a private investigator to investigate your potential spouses ex relationships may save you in dealing with this heart ache

5. The issue that has come in at number 5 is just plan ole not being compatible to each other. More and more people just get married for the wrong reasons. For instance money, looks, power, etc.… those things don’t always factor in to a happy marriage. It’s simple in my theory in a happy marriage.  Find a person that loves to do the things that you love to do in everything. If you love to worship God/ Jesus and go to church make sure they love the same. If they don’t leave them alone. Don’t get me wrong you have to be somewhat attracted to the person and they have to have a JOB! But philosophy is don’t get involved that is selfish, and prideful. Keep is simple but real. You can hire a private detective to investigate prior relationships that your partner has had to avoid such issues as this.

6. Molding two families together when it comes to remarrying has become a big reason for divorce. You’re not my daddy or let’s try you’re not my mommy. Or even better than that you can’t discipline my child like that! Most people have difficulty resolving issues of molding two families together.